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Featuring reasonable prices and superior quality, our organic fertilizers are popular among farmers in Taiwan. Joint ventures welcome!

Since its establishment in 1979, Famco Ltd. has had a strong in-house research and development department to supply a diverse range of organic fertilizer, beauty-care products, laptop bags, luggage, trolleys, and pilot cases, with long-term commitment to developing pioneering products having built a solid reputation with steady sales internationally.

Gradually diversifying into other sectors, the firm has tapped its innovative and manufacturing capabilities in especially organic fertilizers in recent years. To develop quality fertilizers, the company has studied climates, humidity, physical, chemical and biological characteristics of water and a variety of crops in Taiwan.

Thanks to dedication to helping local farmers enhance productivity and agricultural efficiency, the firm is known as a reliable supplier to be positioned to stay ahead of rivals. It welcomes inquiries from foreign buyers.
Organic Fertilizer, Locks and Keys, Beauty Care Products, Laptop Bags / Computer Briefcases, Luggage, Trolley Car, Pilot Case, Organic Agent for Seedlings, Organic Nutrient Supplement, Nylon Handbag, Shopping Cart, Skincare, Luggage Lock, Lid Support, Flowerpot



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