Center Bench Roller-slide-type

Center Bench Roller-slide-type



Detail Specifications / Descriptions
1.Novel dsign and highly precision. It is convenient to operate.
2.Made of high-quality cast iron and special hardening grinding surface, it can ensurethe module compinents practicality and duarbility.
3.The modular feature is a unique design and innovative technology can ensure the measurement accuracy.
4.Static clamping innovative technology can prevent axial deviation when the daddle was move, and it can ensure the accuracy of quality.
5.Top of the saddle center is made of modular design and special material in order to reduce abrasion and ensure the accuracy of measurement repeatedly.
6.Innovative slide-type measurement station modular design and positioning system for fast mobile and fixed, to facilitate measurement.
7.Modular design of measurement table block, it can enhance the stability of measurement.
8.Both sides of the saddle can be quickly adjusted and fixed(Accuracy:0.01/300mm,0.015/1000mm). It is convenient to operate.
9.Components with high scalability, XYZ axis combination can meet the needs of a variety of measurement.
10.Our products have multinational invention won and new type patent applications(M372463、M372464).




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