Intai to Set Up New Branch for R&D of High-end Products and Fasteners in Taichung

Mar 23, 2018 Ι Industry News Ι Auto Parts and Accessories Ι By Alan Lu, CENS
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Intai Technology Corp., a precision fastener manufacturer of Taiwan, has invested NT$850 million to set up a branch in Central Taiwan Science Park (CTSP) in Taichung. The branch will be dedicated to the R&D of minimally invasive surgical instruments, aerospace processing equipment, and precision fasteners.

Intai started its business as a precision fastener manufacturer. With years of R&D experience, the firm has managed to transform into a high-end precision metal products maker. Drawing on its years-long experience in cooperation with international medical companies, it has been focusing on the manufacturing of medical instruments, new image processing technology, and sufficient R&D power as well as multiple new products protected by patents.

Intai's advanced medical treatment equipment will be able to be applied in arthroscopic surgery. Also, the new equipment featuring innovative technology is expected to help further boost the presence of the endoscope industry in Taiwan, hence resulting in positive effects to the development of other related industries like optics, design, etc.

As to aerospace parts manufacturing, Intai has also outperformed its peers with innovative technology. For instance, the firm uses electro chemical machining (ECM) to process such parts for the engine makers as the foremost in Taiwan.

With advanced medical treatment equipment and mature ECM technology, Intai definitely can help foster the development of the endoscope industry in Taiwan while upgrading R&D capability of the domestic aerospace industry,

Meanwhile, Intai has also developed a navigation system for minimally invasive surgery, allowing doctors to conduct surgeries remotely using AI (artificial intelligence) technology. The technology will bring considerable benefits to the medical sector, and accelerate the development of AI in Taiwan.

Intai's new branch in CTSP will put aside NT$200 million for R&D purposes and it plans to hire 164 staff members in the coming three years.

Tsai Yun-fang, chairman of Intai.(photographed by Mao Hong-lin)

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